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Collins FDC Catalog


O2311 / Scott 2869K

Legends Of The West

Nellie Cashman

Collins Anecdotal Note 

She was called the Frontier Angel, the Angel of Tombstone, the Miner's Angel, and the saint of the sourdoughs. Nellie Cashman was one of the best known of Western women. She was a prospector who searched for silver and gold from Alaska to Mexico. Her spirit of adventure and quest for success was coupled with a feeling of compassion that never let her pass a fellow human being who was in need of help. Neltie struck it rich with several mines and various mining town businesses, but she always gave it to the less fortunate. Large sums were donated to frontier hospitals and church missions. She personally fed, housed, and nursed hard-luck prospectors. After many years in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and California, she returned to Alaska for her final years. There, with her beloved dog team, she owned eleven mines and continued to help the less fortunate. Nellie Cashman - A Legend of the West.

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