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O2314 / Scott 2869N

Legends Of The West

Kit Carson

Collins Anecdotal Note 

As a teen, young Christopher Carson began trapping beaver in the Rocky Mountains under the teaching of veretans like-Jim Bridger. He soon became a quiet, competent, and level-headed mountain man. Kit, as he became known, fought indians, endured hard mountain winters, and wandered the west from Mexico to the pacific Northwest. At age 33 he became an Army scout for John Fremont (he guides a cavalry patrol in this hand-painted cachet) and ultimately became an officer in the U.S. Army. The Postmaster at the small town that honors his name told me a few collectors had made it there for a First Day postmark, but I believe I was the only cachetmaker to obtain this great cancel. Kit carsonl whose fame was won by a long, dedicated, and successful career in the service of the United States, was a brave and capable trailbrazer. A Legend of the West.

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