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O2317 / Scott 2869Q

Legends Of The West

Jim Beckwourth

Collins Anecdotal Note 

James Beckwourth was born to a black slave mother and white planter father in 1798 in Virginia. As fate would have it, he joined the Crow tribe in 1829 and after a long life, died as an Indian.

He was a mountain man, trapper, trader, and Army scout. Joining with famous mountain man Jedediah Smith, he trapped and explored the area which is now Yellowstone Park. In 1850 he discovered a new pass over the Sierra Mountains northwest of present-day Reno, which opened a new trail to the Sacramento Valley for pioneers and gold seekers. Beckwourth Pass still bears his name. In the late 1850's, he built and operated a trading post in Colorado which grew to the present-day city of Pueblo. In his later years, he took an Indian wife and lived with the Crow tribe which he had joined so many years previously. He died in 1866 and was laid to rest in a Crow burial ground. Jim Beckwourth - A Legend of the West.

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