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Collins FDC Catalog


O2318 / Scott 2869R

Legends Of The West

Bill Tilghman

Collins Anecdotal Note 

In his younger days, Bill was a frontiersman, scout, and buffalo hunter. He then became one of the best early lawmen - bringing many of the outlaws (such as the one

holding up the stagecoach on my "Overland Mail" cover) to justice.

After giving up his badge, he moved to Oklahoma and started a successful ranch. The First Day postmark is from Lawton in that state. He concluded his working life by

becoming an Oklahoma state senator. The activities on an early western ranch involved many skills such as roping and riding. Captured wild mustangs had to be "broken" to the

saddle, and my Collins cachet shows Tilghman on his ranch riding a buckin' bronco. This essential ranch task evolved into one of the most exciting of rodeo events. Through his

varied life, this scout, hunter, lawman, rancher, and state senator experienced first hand the exploration, expansion, and development of this vast area. Bill Tilghman - a Legend

of the West.

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