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O2319 / Scott 2869S

Legends Of The West


Collins Anecdotal Note 

Meriweather Lewis recruited her as a guide  and interpreter to accompany his cross-country expedition. As the party neared the headwaters of the Missouri, Sacagawea

recognized many landmarks and took the lead up the

mountains to the Continental Divlde. A potenlially explosive incident with wary indians was avoided when a women recognized Sacagawea as a girlhood friend. Lewis wrote in his journal how she suddenry then ran forward and threw her arms around the chief of the band by the name of Cameahwait. Sacagawea had just recognized him as her long separated brother. From then on, negotiations with the indians reached a high level of cooperation and the Lewis and Clark expedition was given horses with which they reached the Pacific Ocean on November 7, 1805. A beautiful and courageous indian maiden who helped lead America westward. A Legend of the West.

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