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Collins FDC Catalog


I2601 / Scott RW63

Migratory Bird

Fred's Anecdotal Note


A full moon bathes the choppy sea with its soft,

illuminating glow. A male surf scoter with distinctive red and yellow bill has settled down for the night on its watery roost. lts peaceful solitude is briefly interrupted as the United States Navy passes by on its never-ending vigilant patrols to protect our shores. The "entire" hand-painted cachet captures the drama of the moment from the silhouetted ship and helicopter to the scoter's reflections in the water to the moonbeams dancing amid the ever moving waves.

The fifteen dollar stamp is tied to the cover with a nice First Day of Issue pictorial postmark. When searching for a stamp to meet postal requirements, I decided on the recent Naval Academy issue which in turn inspired my cachet theme.

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