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P2901 / Mark McGraw

Mark McGwire

Former Homerun Record Holder (70 in 1998)

Fred's Anecdotal Note

Mark McGwire Sets A New Home Run Record 

The immortal Babe Ruth held the home run record for thirty-one years with sixty. Then in 1961 Roger Maris hit sixty one. That record stood for another thirty-seven years, until now. For sixty-eight years -- a lifetime -- the best hitters in baseball have been trying to hit more than 60 or 61 home runs. No one could do it -- until now.

Mark McGwire, a magnificent power hitter, shattered the old record with an awrsome display of hitting with an increditible seventy home runs in 1998. The last two came in the season's final game on September 27, 1998. It should be noted in history, that in addition generously, to many charitabley causes, works with various youth groups, and visits children in hospitals. He is a role model for the youth of America and a credit to Majoe League Baseball.

Event covers are sometimes rare for me to do. This monumental moment in sports, however diserved a philatelic tribute on the day it occurred. The cover will for ever be a tribute to Mark McGwire, the unforgettable 1998 season, and his incredible new record -- 70 home runs.

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