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Collins FDC Catalog


B3602 / Scott 3654

Teddy Bears - Centennial

Stick Bear, c. 1920

Cover Announcement 

ln 1902, President Teddy Roosevelt visited Mississippi and, while there, went on a bear hunt. One of the hunters in his party captured a black bear, tied it to a tree, and indicated the President should shoot it. Upon seeing the defenseless bear, the President did not have the heart or desire to harm it, and he had the bear released.

Covering the event for the press was cartoonist Cliff Berryman of the Washington Post. His picture showing Roosevelt refusing to shoot the bear, was published in newspapers across the country and met with tremendous approval of the citizenry. Russian immigrants Morris and Rose Michtom saw the cartoon and decided to make stuffed bears to sell in their new Ideal Novelty and Toy Store. Morris

wrote to the President asking for permission to call them "Teddy Bears." The President replied granting permission and the popularity of the cute little animals soared. The substantial profits from the sale of the bears started the Michtom's new Ideal Toy Company.

My set of four hand painted First Day Covers will have extremely cute cachets, and I'm sure they will be among the best that I create this year. An early sell-out is a possibility, so, each time I offer one, be sure to respond in a timely fashion so you don't miss out. For starters, I am offering the "stick bear" stamp. My cachet shows a teddy bear picnic, and it is quite charming. Of course, honey is the featured

food. This cover will be actively sought by present and future collectors because the lovable theme will always be in fashion.

Teddy bears remain enormously popular today and are widely viewed as symbols of security and comfort. You will love having this one and the three to follow in your collection. I'm pleased to present "PICNIC" Collins #B8602 - $12.25.

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