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D3601 / Scott 3659

Literary Arts

Ogden Nash - Poet

Cover Announcement 

Cute! That one word adjective best describes this hand painted cachet, and - if your instincts tell you that this is an FDC that will be happily sought by future cover collectors - you are right. Many topicalists specialize in various animals, and others save authors. When you consider all of the different animals depicted and Nash's funny little verses for each, it's evident that this will be one of the more unique Collins cachets produced in 2002.

Frederick Ogden Nash was born on August 19, 1902 in Rye, New York. He liked to poke fun at human foibles without cynicism. Although he wrote on many subjects, it is felt that his short poems, which displayed his wry wit and playfulness with language, were his most favored form of expression. He wrote profusely for The New Yorker magazine, authored stage plays, and contributed lyrics to

several musical comedies.

The hand painted cachet shows a kitten, a canary, a camel, a rhinoceros, and three rabbits, along with the Ogden Nash poem for each. It's a "fun" FDC, and I'm happy to offer it in the memory of a man who wrote for pure enjoyment - his own and his readers. Ogden Nash - Collins #E3601 - $12.25.


Bunny, Rhino, Camel, Kitty;

This cute cachet is very pretty.

To get them all plus a canary,

Order now and don't dare tarry.

For if you send a check or cash,

l'll ship them fast with Ogden Nash.

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