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Collins FDC Catalog


I3601 / Scott 3670

Neuter and Spay


Cover Announcement 

If you love pets, these two extremely cute hand painted cachets will enjoy their new home in your collection. Two young kittens - a tiger and a Siamese - playfully romp on the ground. Two aspects of this cachet are particularly noteworthy. The blend of watercolors brings out extremely realistic coloring, and the wide eyes of the kittens stare right at you as though you had just happened along and discovered their roly-poly antics.

The puppy cachet is just as adorable. A contented threesome cuddle in their bed and seem to convey the message, "OK world - here we are." The three amigos consist of a shepard/huskey mixed breed, a bandana-wearing terrier, and a lovable little golden retriever. This is a

cover you'll always enjoy revisiting in your collection.

An estimated 70,000 cats and dogs are born each day in the United States. Animal shelters and veterinarians always urge pet owners to spay or neuter to combat the problem of animal overpopulation. Neutering and spaying can also lead to better health and longer lives for pets.

As lifelong pet owners ourselves, Linda and I are delighted to offer these two new Collins cachets. As with most of our hand painted covers, you need to experience the beauty of these two for yourself. Kittens - Collins #I3601. Puppies - Collins #I3602. They are offered at $12.25 each.

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