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Collins FDC Catalog


Y3501 / Scott 3642

Antique Toys – Denominated

Mail Wagon

Cover Announcement 

The first group of four Antique Toys (non-denominated) was a solid hit with Collins collectors, and I'm sure the final group of four will be also. The first four were for the rate change stamps where no denomination was printed on the stamps. Starting with this one, the last four have entirely different cachets with Antique Toy groupings.

Aircraft is a favorite topic of many collectors, and this hand painted cachet is sure to become a hot item within the hobby. A toy Graf Zeppelin spans the envelope from left to right. It was very large and meant for the child to actually straddle and ride it. As most cover collectors realize, almost any cover associated with the famous Graf Zeppelin name and/or stamps is a surefire hit with collectors. Since this is a Collins FDC, you can be assured that, in future years, this will be one of those elusive gems so actively sought. Be sure not to miss obtaining at least one copy now.

As icing on the cake, I've added two other Antique Toy aircraft. The Wright Brothers begin the age of the  airplane, and a military hot air balloon rises aloft with a soldier and his signal flag. This trio of early airships - all individually painted in beautiful watercolors - will make this cover a lovely addition to your collection now and a philatelic delight to treasure in future years.

I'm proud to present my Antique Toy Airship cluster of the Wright Brothers historic first flight, the Civil War hot air balloon, and the mighty Graf Zeppelin. Collins #Y3501 - $12.25.

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