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Collins FDC Catalog


Y3502 / Scott 3643

Antique Toys – Denominated


Cover Announcement 

This cover continues my very popular Antique Toy cachets in the "denominated" set of four. Boats are the topic for this cover, and I've chosen two early toys to depict. The first is a model of a steam sidewheeler named the "Niagara". It's a wheeled toy meant to be pulled, and the paints I've chosen are authentic colors based on the originals. This is the case for all of my Antique Toy cachets.

The second is a wind-up toy, and the key is very visible rising from the bottom of a rowboat. An unusual aspect of this toy is the rudder at the stern because, as a rule, rowboats do not have this feature. After winding, the man will mechanically row his oars on yet another futile voyage to nowhere.

It's a most interesting cachet for your collection. Antique Toy Boats. Collins #Y3502 - $12.25

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