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Collins FDC Catalog


D3701 / Scott 3776

Old Glory

Uncle Sam on High Wheel Bicycle with Liberty Flag

20th Centennial

Cover Announcement 

The five new American Flag stamps were issued in a beautiful patriotic booklet that was in itself a treasure trove of Americana. Looking for something a little more powerful and dramatic in my cachet presentation, I decided to use heavier lines in the artwork to create a bold contrast between the artwork design and the watercolors. It works nicely for a change of pace.

For the Star Spangled Banner (D3703) stamp, my cachet features Francis Scott Key. As he watched British war

ships bombard Fort McHenry, he penned the famous song that eventually would become our national anthem. The hand painting makes this one a distinctive collectible.

For the Uncle Sam (D3701) stamp, I used a military theme for my cachet, Bombers fly overhead as infantry troops advance on the ground. In the center of the action, Uncle Sam grasps an unfurled flag in his right hand, while urging the troops on with his left hand. The artistic technique for this cachet was the same as the previous one - with heavy lines translating into a bold and powerful action cachet.

I am pleased to present the first two of my "Old Glory'' cachets with three more to follow in the weeks ahead. Uncle Sam - Collins #D3701 and Star Spangled Banner - Collins #D3703. $12.25 each.

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