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Collins FDC Catalog


D3704 / Scott 3779

Old Glory

Modern Folding Flag Fan

Cover Announcement 

These two highly patriotic hand painted First Day Covers continue the American Flag mini-set of five issued earlier this year. By use of heavier lines in the drawings, complemented by bold watercolors, the "look" achieved in this series is quite appealing. They certainly will capture the attention of any collectors who enjoy the subject of Americana.

An 1888 political campaign badge or pin (D3702) is the subject of one of the new stamps. A gold eagle is perched on top of the flag with a political medal draped in front of it. For this cover I chose to portray a more traditional image of Uncle Sam as the cachet.

The other flag stamp (D3704) is a bit unusual as it is actually a fan in the open position. Before air conditioning and electric fans, the hand-held versions were quite popular and necessary. For my cachet, I chose Betsy Ross in her role - as legend has it - of sewing the first American flag for George Washington. The setting in this cachet is quite colonial and homespun in appearance as evidenced by such detail as the plank floor, the wooden bin for firewood, and the hand-hewn beam-like mantle.

With an artistic style that reaches back into our nation's history, I'm happy to offer the next two covers in my Old Glory set of five - with the final one to be announced soon. Campaign Badge Flag with Uncle Sam tipping his hat cachet - Collins #D3702 * American Flag Fan with Betsy Ross cachet Collins #D3704 * $12.25 each.

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