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O3701 / Scott 3803

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Memorial in Snow

Cover Announcement 

The Korean War began June 25, 1950 when Communist troops from North Korea invaded South Korea. In response, President Harry Truman committed U.S. troops to lead a United Nations force charged with defending South Korea. When an armistice was finally signed on July 27, 1953, over

54,000 Americans had died in the conflict, and over 103,000 had been wounded with 8,176 still listed as missing in action.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washinsron, D.C. consists of 19 stainless steel statues of combat troops. The stamp design reproduces a photograph by an amateur photographer who took it as a retirement gift for his father who had served in the Korean War. Because tales of the conflict always relate to the bitter cold and extreme winter battle conditions, John Alli took the photo with some difficulty during a severe snowstorm in the early morning hours in January of 1996. (He had to hike the last mile because the city streets were closed due the storm.) He took the picture that is now the stamp.

In keeping with the winter theme of the stamp and, in fact, much of the fighting conditions during the war, my hand painted cachet features two American combat troops in their white camouflage uniforms. Snow-capped mountains add to the portrayal of the cold, harsh environment. It really captures the hardship endured by many of our fighting men, and I think it is destined to become a very sought-after military First Day Cover. A map of Korea provides a geographic look at the division of the two countries.

ln honor of those who served there, I'm pleased to offer my Korean War Veterans Memorial. Collins #O3701 -$12.25.

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