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P3701 / Scott 3807

Mary Cassatt Paintings

Child in a Straw Hat - 1886

Cover Announcement 

Child in a Straw Hat

The children on this hand painted cachet portray the artistic style that Cassatt was known for. In addition to a young girl in a straw hat, I've added a boy in period attire. Note the lace, bows, and floral accents on the girl and the boy's knee socks, bow tie, and cap in hand. This one must be seen first hand as the watercolors make it a beautiful rendition.

In the four cachets of this series, I have endeavored to present the careful attention to natural poses that Mary was known for. By the late 1800s and until her death on June 14, 1926, Mary Cassatt had become a preeminent artist in both Europe and the United States. In recognition her achievements, I am pleased to present at $12.25 each "Child in a Straw Hat" (P3701) and "Young Mother" (P3704).

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