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Collins FDC Catalog


W3704 / Scott 3824

Christmas Music Makers

Reindeer Playing Horn

Cover Announcement

The big night has arrived, and Santa Claus takes off from the North Pole to make his rounds. A full moon lights the December sky as his team of reindeer pulls the toy-laden sleigh heavenward. Down below, Mrs. Claus and two of Santa's helpers wave good-bye as the long-awaited trip begins. The watercolors chosen for this cover coordinate extremely well with the colors in the stamp. For little girls and boys (and those still young at heart), there is magic in the air as the sound of harness bells fills the moonlit sky.

This hand painted cachet completes my set of four, and I'm pleased to present a well-bundled Santa with his quilted lap blanket and familiar red and white suit as he begins "Delivering the Gifts." Collins #W3704 - $12.25.

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