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Collins FDC Catalog


A4002 / Scott 3932

Sporty Cars of the 1950s

1954 Kaiser Darren

Cover Announcement 

This sporty convertible was a cool car in which to pick up a date for the school sock hop. In this hand painted cachet a ponytailed girl wearing a poodle skirt and saddle shoes admires the streamlined Kaiser while the Darrin's very cool owner looks on with slicked-back hair and upturned jacket collar. The high school is in the background, and, just as an added memory of the marvelous fifties, a priod motorcycle is parked nearby.

Classic cars are always a favorite collector topical, and this hand painted Collins set of five will be a great series to own. Zoom back in time to the sock hop in a Kaiser Darrin. Collins #A4002 - $13.25.

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