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Collins FDC Catalog


A4005 / Scott 3935

Sporty Cars of the 1950s

1955 Ford Thunderbird

Cover Announcement 

To finish this nostalgic set of five classic sports cars from the 1950s, a sleek 1955 Ford Thunderbird is parked at that American restaurant phenomenon - the diner. During the 50s, it was not unusual for in-car meal service to be provided by "car hops" who were outside waitresses. Sometimes they were on roller skates, and that is how they're pictured in this hand painted cachet. During my freshman year of high school in the spring of 1958, one of the seniors had a 1955 Thunderbird that was a unique green

color and was undoubtedly the most talked-about and admircd car at Butler High School. I can still picture Bucky pulling into the parking lot in the morning with everyone flocking around his awesome T-bfud. It was Ford's very first sports car and, with over 16,000 sold in the first season, set a sales record for two-passenger sports cars.

Once this set sells out of my stock, the open market will determine the ultimate value of these Collins covers. I highly recommend that you secure them now for your collection before they are sold out. Sometimes collectors inquire about what covers might be good to acquire extras of. This is such an issue. Classic automobiles will always be a desirable FDC collectible, and hand painted sports cars on

Collins cachets are sure to be among those most sought after. I'm pleased to offer a true giant in American automotive history - the 1955 Ford Thunderbird. Collins #A4005 - $13.25.

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