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Collins FDC Catalog


S3901 / Scott 3906

American Scientists

Barbara McClintock - Geneticist

Cover Announcement 

Geneticist Barbara McClintock was born June 16, 1902 in Hartford, Connecticut. All of her college years during the 1920s, from her undergraduate work to her doctorate, were spent at Cornell. There she studied chromosomes and cytogenetics. While working with irradiated strains of maize (corn), she became fascinated by broken chromosomes and for 50 years continued her work as a maize geneticist at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. In 1983, she became the only woman ever to win an unshared Nobel Prize in physiology. ln 1970, Barbara received the National Medal of Science - the U.S. government's highest award for scientific achievement.

My hand painted cachet shows this dedicated woman and the corn she studied for a lifetime. The new stamp has a marvelous First Day of Issue postmark from New Haven, Connecticut. Now available is American Scientist Barbara McClintock - Collins #S3901 at $13.25.

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