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Collins FDC Catalog


Y3902 / Scott 3927

Rio Grande Blankets

Southwest Cantina

New Mexico Rio Grande

C=over Announcement 

Woven textiles that came to be known as Rio Grande Blankets were worn and used for other purposes. In this culse, a colorful blanket is used as a decorative wall-hanging in my hand painted cachet. The setting is a cantina, and a lovely Mexican girl tends the bar in the modest but well-stocked establishment. Taken as a whole, this mini-set of four will not only highlight the beautiful woven blankets but also provide glimpses of the Spanish, Mexican, Pueblo, and Navajo cultures that influenced the designs in the settlements of the Southwest.

I'm pleased to offer the next cachet with a blanket made about 1880. The Southwest Cantina. Collins #Y3902 - $13.25.

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