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Collins FDC Catalog


Z3901 / Scott 3930

Presidential Libraries Act

Presidential Seal - 50th Anniversary

Cover Announcement 

The presidential seal is shown on this simple but athactive new stamp. A bald eagle is surounded by a circle of 50 stars representing each state. Below the seal, calligraphic lettering spells out "Presidential Libraries." The stamp commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Presidential Libraries Act of 1955. This law allowed presidents to donate their personal and official material to the Federal Government for preservation and public access.

My hand painted cachet depicts Harry S. Truman in two poses. In one, he sits at his desk in the Oval Office. In the other, he is shown in what has become a famous moment in American politics. He faced a tough election against Thomas Dewey, and, in fact, a couple of newspapers projected Dewey the victor and went to press with the headline proclaiming him the winner. In the end, "Give them

Hell" Harry, as he was known, won in a squeaker, and he delighted in holding up the erroneous newspapers.

The respective presidential libraries are the major repositories of paper and documents of all U.S.

presidents since Herbert Hoover. This cover, saluting the plain-spoken and down-to-earth Harry S. Truman, is canceled at Independence, Missouri, site of his library. Collins #Z3901- $13.25.

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