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Y4101 / Scott 4079

Happy Birthday

Borough of Allentown, NJ - 300th Anniversary

Fred's Anecdotal Note 

Allentown, New Jersey 1706 - 2006 

Long before Europeans settled in the area, Native Americans of the Lenne Lenape tribe had villages throughout the region. In October of 1706, Nathan Allen purchased land and shortly thereafter constructed a grissmill. A blacksmith, saw mill and other businesses soon followed, and the village of Allen's Town flourished. During the Revolution, the Town was site of multiple troop movements by both sides, and the grissmill provided food for the Contenential soldiers.

A Presbyteran meeting house was built in the early 1800s overlooking the mill and its pond. A steeple was added in 1856. The front of the church is shown in the 300th Anniversary pictorial cancel. It is depicted in the hand-painted cachet along with the current old mill which was built in the 1800s on the site of Nathan's original structure which had burned down. Also shown are six domestic greese which in recent years captivated local residences with their daily procession to the mill pond. By including them in the scene quiant charm will endure.

The 2006 Happy Birthday stamp which is postmarked on its day of issue in Santa Claira. California, quilifies this envelope as a First Day Cover. Its festive design celebrates the 300th Birthday of the historic and tanquill village of Allentown. And with New Jersey and California postmarks this cover is a symbolic reminder that in 300 years since Nathan  built his mill, the original colonies have become our county from sea to shining sea.  

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