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Collins FDC Catalog


A5502 / Scott 5005

Summer Harvest

Sweet Corn

Cover Announcement 

The second produce label cover to be offered is the Sea Bound Brand. The entire sky has an orange glow, and the honey-colored horizon meets an ocean of sea green. On white-topped waves, a clipper ship is sea bound with all sails unfurled to capture the morning breeze. In the foreground, a solitary gull keeps pace with the fast moving clipper. This cachet is individually hand painted on each

envelope and, as has happened to many of my previous sailing ship covers, may sell out quite quickly.

In keeping with the summer harvest/produce label theme, the cachet also indicates three related facts. The lemons were from the Sunkist Company, they were grown in Ventura County, and were produced by members of the Seaboard Lemon Association. Back in the day when fruits and vegetables were shipped in wooden crates, these ornate, colorful labels were in common usage.

Still to come are my Native American/Buffalo and my Uncle Sam labels. If you haven't already secured my Boy Scout Brand label, please do so soon as I think it will be sold out shortly.

Now ready is a great clipper ship hand painted cachet. Sea Bound. Item #A5502- $15.00.

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