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Collins FDC Catalog


A5503 / Scott 5006

Summer Harvest


Cover Announcement 

This is the third vintage produce label in my set of four. It joins the previously announced *Boy Scout,' and "Sea Bound" clipper ship labels. Soon I'll be offering the fourth and final one which is a dandy "Uncle Sam." Individually and as a set these hand painted Collins First Day Covers certainly are philatelic examples of pure Americana.

An Indian brave is astride his horse and hunting buffalo in the Old West. Bison provided so much for numerous tribes including food, clothing, blankets, shelter, and material to help fashion weapons and musical instruments. The hand painting on this one is very natural and realistic and the oval, hand-painted border nicely frames the action.

From a personal standpoint, the produce that is represented on this label is New Jersey cranberries, so I

was able to get my home state into the mix. I'm pleased to offer the Arrow Brand with Native American/buffalo vintage label. Collins #A5503 - $15.00.

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