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Collins FDC Catalog


E5502 / Scott 5012

Legends of Hollywood

Ingrid Bergman

"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Cover Announcement 

When considering which film to base my cachet on for Hollywood legend Ingind Bergman, the logical choice was

the epic Casablanca co-starring Humphrey Bogart. That Collins cover was the previously offered E5501. Another

of her roles intrigued me, however, and that was the beautiful young Maria - a guerrilla fighter in the 1943 war film For Whom the Bell Tolls. lt was her first film in technicolor, and the movie became the top box office hit of the year.

For Whom the Bell Tolls was a novel by Ernest Hemingway published in 1940. The story takes place during the

Spanish Civil War when rebels were trying to overthrow the Fascist government. An American volunteer (Gary Cooper) was fighting with the rebels and fell in love with Maria (Bergman) - another fighter. The plot centers on trying to blow up a strategic bridge held by the govemment forces. The 1943 film was a huge success and secured nine Academy Award nominations.

My hand-painted cachet shows freedom fighters Bergman and Cooper in their mountainous hideout between Madrid and Segovia. From the Golden Age of Hollyvrood, I am pleased to offer this cachet variety edition for Ingrid Bergman with Gary Cooper in Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls. Collins #E5502 at $15.00.

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