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F5401 / Scott 4952

War of 1812 Bicentennial

Battle of New Orleans

Cover Announcement 

For the first few years of this war, most of the fighting had taken place on the Great Lakes and along the Canadian border. The British then opened two other fronts as they attacked the Mid-Atlantic region by burning Washington, DC and also invaded the Gulf Coast.

The american Generai in command of the Gulf Coast Region was Andrew Jackson. He first secured Pensacola in northwest Florida and then proceeded to New Orleans to organize the city's defenses. The British attacked in early January of 1815, and the final battle was on the eighth. As the enemy charged the American defenders, they suffered over 2,000 wounded and dead, and the victory sealed the defeat of the world's greatest power. Historian Donald Hickey wrote "This was one of the most stunning battlefield triumphs in American history and one of the most lopsided defeats in British military history."

My hand painted cachet shows a member of the Louisiana militia as the rifleman holds his position against the oncoming British soldiers. Note the special details that bring realism to the cover - the fringed uniform shirt, the resolve and concentration in the eyes, and the firmly planted elbow on the wagon wheel that supports the rifle, and the determination that this day will belong to the American troops and the United States.

Now ready is my Bicentennial First Day Cover that honors General Andrew Jackson and his superb troops for defeating the mighty British. The first day of issue bullseye postmark is dated January 8th - exactly two hundred years after the battle. The Battle of New Orleans - Collins #F5401. $15.00.

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