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H5501 / Scott 5034

Geometric Snowflakes


Cover Announcement 

These large, shaggy bison-like beasts weigh 400 to 900 pounds with long fur hanging at least to the knees. Both

sexes have large, down-curved horns that hook up as protection against their main predator - the wolf. Their diet

consists of grass, sedges, dwarf willows, and other vegetation. The Arctic tundra is their habitat, and muskox

populations are found in several locations near the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, as well as The Northwest Territories and northern Quebec in Canada.

One dominant bull will lead a herd ten to twenty females and sub-adults while other males travel alone or form 

bachelor herds. When attacked by wolves, the group forms a tight circle with the young inside and with all adults

facing outward with their horns at the ready. Attacking wolves can be ripped or tossed by the large, pointed horns

and then trampled by powerful hooves.

My individually hand painted cachet features an adult muskox and is a wonderful portrayal of this massive and

seldom-seen wildlife species. This one stands warily on the coast of the Arctic Ocean with small ice-flows floating

behind it. Just a hint of a rose-colored sky hugs the horizon at the dawn of a new day. An awesome Collins First Day Cover.

Previously offered were my Gray Wolf and Grizzly Bear. If you missed either or both, make sure you obtain them - before they sell out. Soon I'll be offering the fourth and final cachet of this mini-set - a Bull Moose from the deep woods of Maine. From the northern reaches of Alaska the huge and intimidating Muskox is now ready. Collins #H5503 at $15.00.

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