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Collins FDC Catalog


H5502 / Scott 5031

Geometric Snowflakes

Gray Wolf

Cover Announcement 

This awesome wildlife cover begins a set of four that I am truly proud to present to the hobby. The new Geometric stamps were ones that I liked from the first time I saw them in temrs of bold design and crisp colors. After considerable deliberation, I decided I would do large mammals that roamed the snowy north of the United States. The four wildlife finalists combine to make this series of four really exeiting cachets with each one individually hand painted in natural and lifelike watercolors.

Each cover features a close-up in a snowy habitat. The first is a wild and free gray wolf with its snow covered rock den close behind. The piercing eyes, alert ears, and sleek, multi-colored fur make this stealthy predator an incredible symbol of American wildlife. Habitats range from northem Minnesota to Yellowstone, to Alaska. The howls of a hunting pack are truly the call of the wild.

The next three covers have equally awesome hand painted cachets, and in the coming weeks I'll be announcing each one. A bull moose from the north woods of Maine. A  majestic gnzzly bear in the mountains of Montana And a huge musk ox roaming the icy coastland of Alaska. The set of four begins now, and I can't wait until you have the opportunity to see each one in person. Wildlife philatelic art at its finest.

Now available is the alert and wild gray wolf. Collins #H5501 at $15.00.

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