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Collins FDC Catalog


M5403 / Scott 4972

Art by Martin Ramirez

 Tunnel, Cars & Buses

Southwest Village

Cover Announcement 

This is the fifth and final cachet for my mini-set honoring artist Martin Ramirez. This new stamp shows an abstract

drawing of tunnels and thus I decidcd to follow, his theme with a view of the visually pleasing pastel homes in

Guanajuata which is known as the City of Tunnels. After seeing this lovely individually hand painted cachet in

person, I think it will further demonstrate why my First Day Covers are so highly regarded. The set of five brings a philatelic recognition to this folk art Southwest artist who captured a blend of United States and Mexican cultures.

A fine and colorful cover to conclude a fine set - Southwest Village is now ready. Collins #M5403 at $15.00.

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