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Collins FDC Catalog


M5404 / Scott 4971

Art by Martin Ramirez


Southwest Whitetail Deer

Cover Announcement 

The new stamp by Ramirez features a deer in his primitive/folk art style. Since he painted subjects from his

beloved Southwest, I decided to do a whitetail buck in a desert setting. This magnificent species has a range from

southern Canada, most of the Continental United States, and into Mexico. In the Southwest, whitetails flourish in

Texas and extend westward into New Mexico and Arizona.

My hand painted cachet featnres an alert buck crossing a stretch of semi-desert. Size varies greatly based on area

and habitat, and the deer in the Southwest are generally smaller than their northern counterparfts. This individual

has a big rack of antlers, beautiful facial markings with the namesake white tail very prominent. Dominant cactus,

sparse vegetation, and a range of mountains provide the setting under a desert sky. It's a very nice regional wildiife

Collins First Day Cover done in natural watercolors.

The Southwest Whitetail is now ready. Collins #M5404 at $15.00

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