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Collins FDC Catalog


Q5404 / Scott 4985

Gifts of Friendship

 Clock Tower, Tokyo & Dogwood Blossoms

Cover Announcement 

These four stamps were sold in panes of twelve but were formatted by the Postal Service so that ten of the stamps

(five each) were two designs while the final two stamps were only one each of the other designs. This is a staggering consideration in your decision about acquiring these covers because it means that I (and all cachetmakers)

had to buy twelve stamps just to produce a single First Day Covers for each of these two designated stamps. As you can imagine, First Day Covers will be really scarce because the cost to produce them was quite high. Do not miss this opportunity to order your set of four now.

To add interest to the individually hand painted cachets, an appealing species of wildlife found in suburban areas

becomes an important part of the design. Each of these furry friends is presented amid the delicate and picturesque blossoms of cherry and dogwood. The diminutive red squirrel, curious chipmunk, adventurous raccoon, and

adorable cottontail rabbit are the animals I've chosen as they are found in populated areas as well as in the wild. The individually watercolored covers are beautiful examples of philatelic works of art.

The recently offered "Vintage Circus" set sold out almost at once, and a number of collectors were disappointed. Please order this set promptly as the stamp format scarcity factor as well as the spectacular furry critters cachet content will make this a very desirable set. Now ready to be ordered - Suburban Wildlife Amid the Blossoms. Q5401 to Q5404.

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