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Collins FDC Catalog


R5401 / Scott 4986

Special Olympics

World Games Map 

Cover Announcement 

The Special Olympics are fashioned after the regular Olympic Games but are modified for athletes who are mentally challenged. The United States has been conducting Special Olympics for many years and, in fact, I did an early Collins cover for them, and I obtained an unofficial first day postmark from Greece, New York. It was a super cancel.

This bold, orange stamp for the World Games is tied to the envelope with a day of issue bullseye postmark from Irvine, Califomia. The hand painted cachet presents a very nice look. Three lit torches are held high in the firm gasp of three athletes. Each arm represents a different region of the world with Asiarn, African, and Caucasian all being represented. The backdrop is a globe with all of the continents being

shown in a different pastel color. It's a hand painted cachet with a distinctive "look."

In addition to Collins collectors, present and future, this cachet will be of interest to "Sports" and "Maps" topicalists. It's eye-catching and artistically captures the theme of the stamp, so as such it will certainly gain attention in the hobby. It's a wonderful organized sporting activity that brings participation, fulfillment, and fun to those challenged athletes among us in counties around the globe. The Special Olympics - World Games is now ready. Collins # R5401 at $15.00.

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