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Collins FDC Catalog


T5401 / Scott 4823B

Medal of Honor

Vietnam War - Army

Cover Announcement 

This is the second cover to be offered in my mini-set of three for the Vietnam Medals of Honor. For this individually hand painted cachet, I show a Green Beret advisor standing guard as a Cl23 makes a landing on a jungle airstrip. South Vietramese troops, intent on forming a security perimeter, advance toward the U.S. Air Force plane that is delivering supplies and a few additional reinforcements. The subtropical jungle foliage and the low mountain foothills behind the aircraft provide a very real presentation of the


This cachet is quite meaningful to me as my first year in the Air Force was spent at Pope Air Force Base which was adjacent to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Bragg was home to the 82nd Airbome as well as many Green Berets. The C-123 Squadron, where I worked as a survival specialist, trained closely with these units in terms of air drops and short assault landings.

Vietram Medal of Honor - Army cover with Green Beret is now ready. Collins #T5401 at $15.00.

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