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Collins FDC Catalog


T5402 / Scott 4822B

Medal of Honor

Vietnam War - Navy

Cover Announcement 

The U.S. Postal Service issued three new stamps showing the Medals of Honor awarded during the Vietnam War to military members from the Army, Nary, and Air Force. Having been in one of the earliest units deployed to Vietnam by President Kennedy in 1962, I wanted to make sure that these three individually hand painted Collins cachets would be a fitting tribute to all of those veterans who served in this conflict.

The first one to be offered is for the U.S. Navy. Let me state from the gitgo that the watercolored cachet on this one makes it a spectacular military First Day Cover. It is the dawn of a new day and the radiant orange sky of the morning sun blankets the river of the Mekong River with a fiery glow. Not only the river is bathed in the dawn's light but the patrol boat itself reflects the golden spectacle of the new day. This Collins cover is a perfect example of why the artisty of individually hand painted cachets will always be the most sought after within the hobby.

The "patrol boat, river" was designated PBR by the Navy, and this is noted within the cachet. The boats were usually manned by a four-member crew, and all of them can be seen in this cover. This boat was used in Vietnam from 1966 to l971 and ultimately grew to a force of 250 vessels.

The Medal of Honor - U.S. Navy, Vietnam cover is now ready. Collins #T5402 at $15.00.

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