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Collins FDC Catalog


V5401 / Scott 4991

Coastal Birds

Red Knot

Cover Announcement 

As with the first two offered (King Eider Sea Duck and Frigatebird) in this mini-set of four, the first thing you'll

notice about this individually hand painted cachet is the realistic and natural "look." The one pictured along the

shore of Delaware Bay is feeding on the eggs of horseshoe crabs. In fact it is standing on the shell of one of the

crabs using it as a vantage point to survey the surrounding territory.

The Red Knot is a fairly large sandpiper measuring ten inches long with a wingspan of 20 inches. The head is small

with a tapering bill used for feeding on arthropods; spiders, larvae, and small crabs. This hearty bird has one of the

longest migrations as every year it travels more than 9000 miles from the Arctic to the southern tip of South America.

If you have an interest in wildlife, please don't miss this lovely set of four. Each cachet has its own distinctive appeal. The King Elder with its head fealhers and bill presents an unbelievably beautiful display of colors. The

magnificent Frigatebird has a ruby red chest that expands in sensational crimson. The Red Knot cover is a serene and peaceful nature painting on the quiet coastline of Delaware Bay. Finally, the Roseate Spoonbill (to be offered soon) will be the bird in this set that has the most colorful and dazzling feathers which translates to an awesome cachet. A pair of the new folk art coastal birds on each envelope are stunning when displayed complementing the fantastic and realistic hand painted cachets. Super philatelic art!

The Red Knot is now ready. Collins #Y5401 at $15.00.

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