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Collins FDC Catalog


C5604 / Scott 5104

Vintage Pick Up Trucks

1965 Ford F-100

Cover Announcement 

This is the fourth and final cover in the highly acclaimed Collins mini-set. Last August my red 1938 International Harvester Pickup won first place in its "Hand Painted" category in the National Cachetmakers Contest. The results were announced, and the winning award was presented at the American First Day Cover Society's Convention in Cleveland.

Building on that first cover in the set, I believe the complete four-cover series will become very sought after and treasured in the years ahead. The final one to complete the series is the 1965 Ford F-100. Each cachet is individually hand painted in a pleasing and beautiful blue. This model is a fourth generation of the Ford F-series. It was sleeker and wider than its predecessors with an all-new body fame that would be used until 1979.

Now is the time to make sure you have the full set of four as I offer the final Vintage Pickup Truck. The powerful and sleek blue 1965 Ford F-100 is now ready. Collins #C5604 at $15.00.

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