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Collins FDC Catalog


D5601 / Scott 5105

Literary Arts

Henry James - Author

 “The Turn of the Screw”

Cover Announcement 

My individually hand painted cachet for this new stamp features the three principle characters in James's

famous ghost story - The Turn of the Screw. A governess (who remains unnamed throughout the story) is hired by the uncle of a young girl and boy to care for them after the death of their parents. Many ghostly twists and turns take place throughout the plot, and many critics have wondered if the "strange" and "sinister" were only in the mind of the governess. There has been a lengthy debate about the actual presence of the ghosts and the sanity of the governess.

Henry James is regarded as one of the leading authors of the 1800s. He wrote from a character's point of view, and this enabled him to use issues related to consciousness and perception. He brousht a new- depth to narrative fiction. James was an American-born British writer, and he resided and wrote in both countries. In addition to his numerous works of fiction, he also wrote plays plus books on travel and biographies.

Now ready is Henry James with my cachet which features one of his best works - The Turn of the Screw. Collins #D5601 - $15.00.

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