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Collins FDC Catalog


F5601 / Scott 5126

Golden – Crowned Kinglet

Cover Announcement 

Kinglets are small songbirds that are often considered part of the warbler family. In North America, the golden-crowned kinglet's habitat is evergreen forests, and they have grooved pads on their feet for perching on tiny conifer branches. My individually hand painted cachet show's a pair of the diminutive beautiful birds on a long-needled pine tree. Pockets of snow and a pine cone add nice detail.

This is the fourth and final cover in my mini-set of four. Please be sure that you are complete. The kinglet derives its name fiom the colorful golden head patch or crown making it appear as a small king or "kinglet." Their nests are quite unique as they are made from moss and suspended from a high conifer branch. The nest moss is held together with strands gathered from spider webs, and the interior is then

lined with feathers for insulation from the cold temperatures. It provides a snug home for 7 to 12 babies.

All of the lovely "Songbirds in Snow" are now available as the final one is ready - the Golden-Crowned Kinglet. Collins number F5601 at $15.00.

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