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Collins FDC Catalog


G5601 / Scott 5132

Star Trek Television Show

50th Anniversary

Captain Kirk – Insignia & Starship

Cover Announcement 

James Kirk is a fictional character in "Star Trek." As captain of the Starship USS Enterprise, he leads his crew as they explore "New Worlds where no man has gone before." In his role as captain, he often consults with the characters "Spock" and "Scotty" and values their opinions and advice greatly.

The individually hand painted cachet pictures Kirk, and behind him the Enterprise streaks through the universe. This completes this mini-set, so make sure you have all four. In addition to Collins collectors, these iconic first day covers will be sought by space, film. and television collectors as well as various intelligent life forms throughout the universe, so make sure your set is complete.

The Commander of the Starship crew - Captain Kirk - is now ready. Collins Number G5601 at $15.00.

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