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Collins FDC Catalog


I5604 / Scott 5140

Jack O’ Lanterns

Nine Toothed Jack O’ Lantern

Cover Announcement 

This individually hand painted cachet featuring a black cat and full moon begins my set of four for the sure-to-be popular Jack-O'-Lantem set. Halloween and items related to it have generated a huge following in the past twenty years, and I can oniy urge you to obtain these Collins Halloween cachets before I sell out. It's easy to predict that these covers will be gone before long and that in the years ahead will be intensely hunted on the open market. Get yours now.

A Jack-O'-Lantem is a carved pumpkin associated with Halloween. The top is cut off, and the inside pulp and seeds are cleaned out. Then a face is carved out and a light source, traditionally a candle, is inside to illuminate the face. It's a common practice to place the carved pumpkin outside the front door on the steps or porch.

My black kitty, exhibiting hair-raising fright by the scary Jack-O'-Lantern, is now ready. Collins #I5604 at $15.00.

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