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Collins FDC Catalog


J5501 / Scott 5036


Quilled Paper Heart

Coretta & Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cover Announcement 

This famous American couple earned a richly deserved spot in our country's history and evolution by working tirelessly to bring about nonviolent dialogue and action to improve race relations in the United States. The progress of African-Americans to gain equal rights with all citizens was painfully slow until Dr. King began to lead nonviolent events and give stirring and well thought-out speeches such as "I Have

a Dream."

One of my earliest covers was for the King stamp, and I traveled to Alabama to obtain first day postmarks in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma. Today those Collins First Day Covers are very actively sought within the hobby. History, of course, cannot be changed, but I have often wondered how things would have progressed if a bullet did not cut down and silence this black leader who sought to unite instead of separate. The King family today remains a voice of calm and togethemess.

My hand painted cachet for the beautiful quilted heart stamp is now ready. It's a nice symbolic image where different colored fabrics are quilted together as one. The hand painted Love cachet for Coretta and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Collins #J5501 at $15.00.

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