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Collins FDC Catalog


J5601 / Scott 5141



Cover Announcement 

Wild animals that roam the continent of Africa are not featured often on United States stamps. Since Kwanzaa celebrates cultural traditions and enduring roots to the homeland of Africa, over the years I have created this series much like my Christmas wildlife covers. Both have become very popular with Collins collectors.

This year the lovable chimparzee is featured. Possessing a high degree of intelligence, this species interacts well with humans. It is an endearing animal because of its antics and appearance. As with all of the animais depicted in the series I show the chimp wild and free. Each envelope is individually hand painted, and this one turned out exceptionally well.

The next first day cover in my "Wildlife of the Homeland" series is now available. The Chimpanzee. Collins #J5601 at $15.00.

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