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Collins FDC Catalog


K5510 / Scott 5051

Botanical Art


Cover Announcement 

Magnificent exotic animals from all across the globe come together in this amazrng botanical and zoological set of ten Collins covers. Without a doubt, both as individual cachets and as a whole set, these beautiful hand painted covers will become some of the most prized and sought after covers ever. A word to the wise - if you want this incredible set, please order quickly to avoid missing out on them. Orders

will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and as with the Circus set, I expect some collectors will be disappointed due to failure to respond rapidly or to their indecisiveness.

The Exotic Animals shown on these cachets come from the far reaches of our planet. Lovable Pandas from China * Koalas and Kangaroos from distant Ausralia * A stealthy Jaguar from South America * An elegant Zebra, towering Elephang and king of the beasts Lion from the plains of Africa * Highly intelligent Orangutans from Borneo * Magnificent Tigers from India * and a double-humped Camel from the deserts of the Middle East. Due to their exotic origins from outside the United States, these beloved creatures are rarely associated with our stamp program, and this issue provided a perfect opportunity to showcase them on Collins First Day Covers. Don't miss out on adding them to your collection.

Hand painting in watercolors has been the main reason that my cachets have earned such a fine reputation over the years. Once again, it is the individual brush stroke after brushstroke on each and every envelope that brings these marvelous animals from around the globe to life in natural colors. The blend of soft, multi-colored flowers form a botanical-zoological cohesion that is hard to describe!

The first cover to be sent will be the eye-catching pandas as they enjoy their favorite food in a bamboo patch. A nearby vine of roses adds the perfect touch of color to contrast with the pandas. Roses have been cultivated in China for thousands of years. I'm anxious for you to see this delightful cachet in person. Each month you will look forward to the next cover in the series that provides a wonderful combination of colorful botanical and zoological philatelic art in individually hand painted Collins cachets.

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