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Collins FDC Catalog


L5601 / Scott 5145

Holiday Windows

Candle in Window

Cover Announcement 

A heavy snowfall has blanketed the countryside. Pine branches sag laden with fresh snow. Frozen grasses poke though the white carpet. A fieldstone house with smoking chimney provides a warm refuge for those inside.

Displaying the telltale signs of youthful exuberance, a traditional snouman stands in the cold air. An old top hat and a long scarf are his only garments. His eyes smile, and buttons are lumps of coal. A protruding carrot is his nose, and an old battered broom is at his side. A colorful cardinal has momentarily perched on the brim of his hat bringing a brief presence of life to the man of snow.

I am happy to offer the third cover in this Holiday Window Views series. Country Snowman. Collins #L5601 at $15.00.

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