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Collins FDC Catalog


L5604 / Scott 5148

Holiday Windows

Christmas Tree in Window

Cover Announcement 

A diminutive squirrel sits high in a towering oak. Its massive trunk supports an interesting visual sky framed

kaleidoscope created by limbs and branches. Snow-covered evergreens complement the baren, leafless oak. One can imagine looking out the window and watching the small, furry animal enjoy a holiday meal which was buried months ago in anticipation of this day. Some of the acorns will go

unretrieved and add credence to the old saying, "From small acorns mighty oaks do grow."

Aside from the pure and simple pleasure of viewing this scene, it provides yet another example of the wonders of nature. The new oak trees are provided, in part, by acorns deposited by squirrels, and in return the large trees provide sanctuary for the familiar bushy-tailed creatures. This hand painted cachet captures a wonderful holiday window view. Collins #L5604 at $15.00.

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