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Collins FDC Catalog


T5501 / Scott 5077

Views of Our Planets


Cover Announcement 

When these new stamps were issued, many collectors were struck by their beauty as each was presented in amazing

colors against the black background of space. A bold approach to the cachets was decided upon, and each and every planet in this set is painted using carefully chosen colors brushed in random patterns. The resuiting cachets are terrific with each cover being a little different from all others. For example, each Mars will be slightly different

from every other Mars, so all cachets in the entire set will be unique. Once again I believe that Collins collectors will be getting the finest produced by any cachetmaker.

Space is always a popular collecting topic, and a quick sell-out is definitely a possibility. As the enclosed illustrations show, these first day covers are destined to become hobby gems. Please don't miss this opportunity to acquire the full set of nine. I will be starting your set with the planet that is featured the most in science fiction and the one that our astronauts will visit first - Mars. By sending you one per month, it will provide time for the hand painting, and the low monthly payments will make them affordable for every hobby budget.

Enhancing the reputation of Collins cachets is always a primary goal. The Views of Our Planets presented in natural watercolors is awesome, and I am proud to now offer this incredible set. Thalks.

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