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Collins FDC Catalog


Z5505 / Scott 5095

Soda Fountain Favorites

Banana Split

Cover Announcement 

This is the fifth and final individually hand painted cachet in my series of Soda Fountain Favorites. David Shickler,

a 23-year old apprentice pharmacist, invented the banana-based triple ice cream sundae in 1904 at Tassel Pharmacy

in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The popular dish called for a lengthwise split banana topped by scoops of ice cream with

optional additions of whipped cream, cherries, mixed nuts, chopped fruits, and flavored syrups.

The city of Latrobe celebrated the 100th birthday of the banana sptit in 2004, and that same year the National Ice

Cream Retaliers Association certified the city as its birthplace. Today the GREAT AMERICAN BANANA SPLIT

CELEBRATION is held in downtown Latrobe in late August with food, fun, and events for all to enjoy. And. of course, banana splits in many delicious combinations are available throughout the celebration.

Make sure you have all five of these distinctive Collins hand watercolored soda fountain favorites in your collection.

The large stamp with a wonderful banana split illustration is tied to the envelope with a first day of issue bullseye postmark. My very realistic hand painted cachet is now ready with the three flavors of ice cream, three types of syrup, whipped cream, and three cherries all resting on the split banana. Indeed, it's a sweet way to conclude this set and a terrific soda fountain treat to add to your collection. Collins #Z5505 at $15.00.

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