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Collins FDC Catalog


​G6001 / Scott 5544

Brush Rabbit

Species of Cottontail Rabbit

Cover Announcement 

The attractive wildlife stamp was issued to pay additional ounce postage over the first-class rate. It actually takes three of them to achieve the first-class amount, so the result is a nice brush rabbit stamp display on each of my covers. All of them are tied to the envelope with a first day of issue bullseye postmark from Sacramento, California.

Each of the covers has an individually hand painted cachet that captures the appealing little critter in its natural habitat. The brush rabbit is a species of the familiar cottontail but is much smaller. It has short legs and a short tail, and the wary bunny featured on my cover has both of these traits.

This rabbit is found along the West Coast from the tip of Baja California all the way up to the Columbia River in Oregon. Its range is from the Pacific Ocean to the westem slopes of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains. The painting on this one is very natural, and it's as though you walked up on this "brushie" in its natural habitat.

I'm happy to announce my Brush Rabbit - Collins #G6001 at $16.50.

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