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Collins FDC Catalog


H6001 / Scott 5546 & 5553


Round Barn – Autumn

Cover Announcement 

The fourth and final cover in this mini-set features a striking green round barn. While not as popular as other barn designs, the unique circular shape makes round barns quite noticeable. These barns are designed to save labor by taking advantage of gravity to move hay from the loft to the cow stable below. The earliest round barns appeared in the 18th Century with construction peaking around 1900. Several hundred round barns still stand in the United States, and some are listed on the National Resister of Historic Places.

An autumn scene surrounds the green barn. Pumpkins lie in the foregound, waiting to be picked for pies and carving. A wagon full of hay is ready to feed the farm animais and fall leaves dot the landscape.

Like the other covers in this mini-set, the farm animals weather vane is displayed with the Collins logo. Round Barn in Autumn is now ready. H6001 - $16.50.

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